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PT. Wanghort Pratama Lestari

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PT. Wanghort Pratama Lestari
PT. Wanghort Pratama Lestari
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Name:Mrs. Muji Lestari [Director/CEO/General Manager]
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Y!: mj_lestari Y!: mj_lestari
BlackBerry PIN: 288B2903 288B2903
Mobile Number:Mobile number of Mrs. Muji Lestari at Tangerang
Phone Number:Phone number of Mrs. Muji Lestari at Tangerang
Fax Number:Fax number of Mrs. Muji Lestari at Tangerang
Address:Sentra Bisnis Jati No. 1 Jl. Benteng Betawi Tanah Tinggi
Tangerang 15710, Banten
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Registration Date:Mar. 26, 2009
Last Updated:Nov. 15, 2013
Business Nature:Manufacturing of Agriculture category

Company Brief

PT. Wanghort Pratama Lestari is an Australian - Indonesian joint venture company.
Our core business is manufacture of very high quality Woven Planter Bags, Seedling Tray, hardwood Garden Stakes, forestry tube and other products for horticultural and forestry industry.
We one the very first manufacturer to concieve the Woven Planter Bag with handles and then amending to other products. With our commitment to manufacture only the very best products to export standard and this is only possible by using the finest raw materials with very strict quality control.
With our experience for many years and we have been export of our products to most countries in Europe, Middle East, Australia, and U.S.A.

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